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Insite Software sponsors the September 2016 report: Platforms for Growth from

Insite Software

This sponsored report from includes many examples of B2B eCommerce platforms and their usage for growth.

From the article Planning for next-gen B2B e-commerce:

Technology is raising customer demands at a dizzying pace, and manufacturers and distributors can’t afford to build an e-commerce site that ignores what their customers want now and in the future. Doing so in a way that both reduces risk and ensures success can be a complex process. But careful planning, partnerships, and team members can help companies develop a forward-looking e-commerce site.

“Don’t just look at it as buying a piece of software. Look at it as if your organization is building something that has a life to it,” says Brian Strojny, founder and executive vice president of Insite Software Solutions Inc., which provides e-commerce technology to manufacturers and distributors.

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Download now to read the report from which includes many examples of B2B eCommerce platforms and their usage for growth.

Download now to read more.