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White Paper - Addressing Distribution Disruption with Smart B2B Commerce Strategies

Top Challenges Facing Distributors in 2019 & Strategies to Stay Ahead

Let's Face It

The distribution industry is ultra-competitive, complex and volatile and the rate of change isn’t slowing down anytime soon. How can you keep your head above water in a pool full of mega distributors and Amazon?

By keeping your fingers on the pulse of the industry and adjusting your strategies accordingly.

Take a Look Inside

This white paper uncovers the top four distribution disruptors in 2019 and offers tips for building smarter strategies to turn each disruptive influence into a competitive advantage.

Download now to learn how the following factors are disrupting the industry:

  • Manufacturers
  • Technology and Infrastructure
  • B2C Retail
  • Data-Driven Marketing

Discover the industry’s disruptors and how to overcome them.

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