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B2B Omnichannel Q&A with John Bruno

Insite Software

What’s Inside?

Insite recently hosted a webinar entitled “The Future of B2B eCommerce is Omnichannel” featuring guest speaker John Bruno, Senior Forrester Analyst. After Bruno shared his perspectives, we sat down with him to dive a little deeper into the omnichannel customer.

We asked him:

  • How should a company prepare its sales team to address the omnichannel customer?
  • In what wats does eCommerce have an impact on the overall go-to-market strategy of a B2B organization? What do we need to think about as we make organizational decisions?
  • What does the omnichannel buyer want in order to allow them to buy the way they want to buy?

Download the Q&A now to see what Bruno had to say.

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