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Customer Portal

What is a Customer Portal?

A customer portal is a private, secure Website that enables businesses to share account-specific information with customers such as credit status, invoices, available rebates, product and order information, calendars, etc. It enhances customer relationships by providing complete 24×7 access to up-to-date information. The advantages of customer portals are convenience and relevance–they contain everything customers need in one online place (no need to navigate across multiple Web sites and logins). And, in a well-designed customer portal, your customers “see” only those products and services that are relevant to their contexts.

Usage: “A buyer will log on to a customer portal to view their invoice or order history.”

InsiteCommerce® has many ways to assist B2B companies looking to roll out a portal. Portals for Distributors may be for strategic customers and branded as such, or could be for direct sales, amongst other things. Manufacturers may employ portals for their distribution channels to better equip them with the information needed to better sell your products.

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Manufacturing and distribution companies know that the true value of digital commerce is the ability to make it easier for your customers to do business with you. The B2B buyer is often responsible for purchasing products from one to many vendors or product types

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