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B2C eCommerce

What is B2C eCommerce?

B2C eCommerce or business-to-consumer eCommerce refers to online purchases between a business and a consumer. An eCommerce website enables customers to shop like they do in stores but by using an online catalog, selecting items for purchase and virtually checking out.

B2C eCommerce is significantly different than B2B eCommerce, which refers to online purchases made between two or more businesses.

Are B2B and B2C Converging?

While certain aspects of B2C eCommerce are similar to B2B , the fundamental purpose of B2B eCommerce is very different. B2C eCommerce is built on the impulse buy and maximizes the needs of the seller. An eCommerce engine specifically built for B2B must accelerate the productivity of every single person involved in the buying experience. The right B2B eCommerce solution should maximize the needs of the seller and the buyer. This is realized in many forms, not the least of which is time saved on the customer side by making orders and self-service tasks easier to do from anywhere, at any time. The idea that B2B companies must completely mirror B2C experiences is creating expensive, if not dangerous, misalignment within B2B eCommerce initiatives. Learn more about major differences between B2B and B2C eCommerce here

Do B2B companies need a B2C site?

While not all manufacturers and distributors need a B2C site, some may need to facilitate a B2C-type store in addition to their B2B site.

B2C Drop Ship Website for Manufacturers

Historically, manufacturers have relied on channel partners for their go-to-market strategy. However, this strategy removes manufacturers from direct interaction with the end consumer. In order to directly service end customers, manufacturers can deploy a business-to-consumer drop ship website. A drop ship eCommerce website can enable customers to go directly to the manufacturer’s website to research products and make purchases. Manufacturers can provide their channel partner with payment on the backside of the transaction, allowing the channel partner to earn commission on the order.
More about B2C drop ship websites here

B2C eCommerce Website for Distributors

In the digital age of the customer, distributors work hard to remain an important piece of the go-to-market strategy for their manufacturers. A common way to accomplish this goal is to expand into new markets to drive new business. Often, when a distributor sells a finished good, establishing a business-to-consumer relationship might be the answer. Learn more about B2C eCommerce websites for distributors here

InsiteCommerce® was built for the complexities of B2B. Often, manufacturers and distributors are looking for ways to handle B2B and B2C sides of their businesses. Luckily, InsiteCommerce can accommodate both worlds. Learn more here

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