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InsiteAnalytics for eCommerce

In order to make the right decisions to solve complex problems, manufacturers and distributors need accurate and relevant data.

Measuring and monitoring the success of B2B eCommerce experiences can be difficult. Often distributors and manufacturers lack the necessary tools and experiences to identify valuable and complex success metrics. Many organizations rely on simple “success” metrics, such as basic revenue or site traffic; however, B2B organizations find value in including additional metrics, such as customer self-service, overall adoption, net-new customer acquisition, and increased business across existing customers. To obtain this holistic view of measured success, InsiteAnalytics for eCommerce combines analytics data for sales, customers, users, and sites, creating a dynamic perspective of how your online presence is performing alongside your traditional sales.

InsiteAnalytics makes use of the built in tags and hooks to gather powerful metrics from InsiteCommerce®Google Analytics, and Google Tag Manager. InsiteAnalytics then utilizes this data to build a variety of user-friendly dashboards and reports, which provide clear visibility into trends, site performance and engagement, as well as the effectiveness of promotional campaigns. This allows users to quickly and accurately identify areas of success or concern.

The Insite Difference

With InsiteAnalytics for eCommerce  you get a solution that was Built for B2B™ and allows you to:

Monitor Channel Sales

Analyze online and offline customer and product sales to track online migration and overall customer engagement and identify patterns in methodology, product groups and customers.

Evaluate Marketing and Campaign Performance

Track the performance of online promotions and inbound campaigns, and make informed, analytics-based decisions on resource allocation.

Utilize Site Analytics

Identify when, where and how users are interacting with your site, build channels and discover new opportunities.

The Future of B2B eCommerce is Omnichannel

Learn how omnichannel commerce has been redefined for modern B2B buyers and how leading organizations have transformed to support omnichannel buying experiences.

A Leader in B2B Commerce

Insite Software named a Leader in The Forrester Wave: B2B Commerce Suites, Q3 2018. Forrester notes: “Customers consistently describe Insite as laser focused on B2B and especially client focused

Unifying the B2B Commerce Experience

In order to see your digital transformation through its full potential, you have to recognize that the B2B buying experience is a hybrid one. Companies must deliver an experience that allows customers to seamlessly move between self and full serve.

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View the out-of-the box B2B functionality available in the InsiteCommerce solution.

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In order to make the right decisions to solve complex problems, manufacturers and distributors need accurate and relevant data.

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