The Forrester Wave™: B2B Commerce Suites, Q3 2018

The Forrester Wave™: B2B Commerce Suites, Q3 2018

Insite Software named a Leader in B2B eCommerce. Forrester notes: “Insite customers cited the ‘laser focus’ on the capabilities they care about, and how things they needed for their business worked almost right out of the box.”


Insite Named a Leader in The Forrester Wave: B2B Commerce Suites Wave, Q3 2018

The Forrester Wave: B2B Commerce Suites Wave, Q3 2018 named Insite a leader in B2B Commerce. Forrester noted that Insite has rounded out the experience capabilities of its already strong B2B platform and has garnered a strong reputation from some of the most complex B2B manufacturers and distributors. Customers describe Insite as laser-focused on B2B with capabilities right out of the box.


Forrester’s 33-criteria evaluation of B2B commerce Suites providers are scored in three areas: current offering, strategy, and market presence. The report illustrates findings about how well each vendor fulfills the criteria and where they stand in relation to each other to help eBusiness and channel strategy professionals select the right partner for their B2B commerce solution. All vendors selected for inclusion possess critical components of a B2B commerce suite, deliver strong functionality geared toward B2B businesses, and earned considerable mindshare among Forrester customers.


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