Technical Architecture

Technical Architecture

Adaptable to complex B2B needs.

The technical architecture of InsiteCommerce is deeply rooted in design patterns to create a loosely coupled, highly extensible platform that is both easy to adapt to complex B2B needs and easy to upgrade.

The application architecture of InsiteCommerce is designed to be modular and configurable.  Many of the features are meta-data driven using settings and configurable options with the entities that comprise the application.  The behaviors are then baked into the business logic layer.

Insite Software Approach

Application Architecture

Diagram 1 illustrates the application architecture of the platform.  It lays out the different application components and demonstrates the core engine and capability which is decoupled from the UX.  This provides for a headless ecommerce option, using 3rd party tools and languages familiar to the developer.  By adding in the website front end, a comprehensive B2B site can be created in a matter of minutes and then styled to match branding standards.


Technical Architecture

Diagram 2 shows the basic construction of the modules and widgets and represents the technical architecture and extension points of the application.

Features & Benefits

  • InsiteCommerce can be deployed using all of the built-in tools or as a headless platform utilizing the APIs.
  • The platform may be extended using the prescribed extension points and handlers/pipelines for ease of upgrading.
  • The platform may be extended further by overriding nearly any method for more complex enhancements.
  • The application architecture is loosely coupled to isolate behavior to just where it belongs.
  • The widgets are defined and delivered to the front end including the CSS, HTML and JavaScript.
  • The entire site is built as a Single Page Application so all data is Ajaxed into the site.
  • Extensive use of caching ensures performance and scalability of the platform.
  • InsiteCommerce includes a complete and flexible integration layer that is secure and can easily manage many very complex data structures without any intimate knowledge of those structures.
  • Deep functionality embedded within the Modules is available to all users regardless of which front end they use.
  • “Insite is truly extensible at every layer, from data to presentation, and my team has yet to encounter an area where we have been blocked due to a lack of extensibility options. As developers we appreciate the architecture and the amount of thought that has been put in to giving us the freedom to build what our clients want.”

    Zach BussingerDirector of Software Development - Xngage

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