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Leveraging an API-Centric Architecture

The InsiteCommerce platform is built around an API architecture. All platform capabilities are exposed through a set of storefront and administrative RESTful API’s. The storefront APIs account for all of the core business logic and reflect the site-specific rules defined via the web-based Administration Console. The administrative, ODATA-based, APIs allow users to maintain the data and configurations used to support the site functionality.

The Insite Software Approach


The site UI/UX layer of the platform is entirely built around the storefront APIs – illustrating that all InsiteCommerce capabilities can be accessed through the API layer. Organizations can also take these APIs and build out custom user experiences, and leveraging the multi-site capabilities of the platform, build multiple UI/UX experiences on top of the same site or against multiple sites, but all against the same InsiteCommerce instance.


The InsiteCommerce APIs are also versioned in the URI to ensure that any custom UI/UX is still supported as updates to the base are made. All APIs also have access restrictions by user and associated roles to ensure they are secure.  They also utilize e-tag caching to improve performance.


The platform also contains a set of APIs that help support PunchOut and external order processing. These APIs are built around cXML, an industry-standard protocol to support electronic business. They can be used to process order from external systems, including PunchOut, EDI, OCR-providers, IoT/M2M like vending machines or other automated systems, etc.

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  • All storefront functionality and capabilities are exposed through the InsiteCommerce RESTful APIs (e.g. catalog information, customer-specific pricing, order/cart management, order workflow, checkout, etc.).
  • The administrative, ODATA-based APIs can be utilized to manage the entities within the application (e.g. Customers, Products, Inventory, etc.) that help drive site functionality.
  • The APIs will reflect the various business rules/logic that are configured for the InsiteCommerce instance and each site that is spun up in that instance.
  • While InsiteCommerce provides a full set of site pages, organizations can also choose to utilize the APIs to build out a unique experience with their preferred CMS or other UI/UX tools – and even look at leveraging multiple UI/UX tools against the same site or multiple sites on the same InsiteCommerce instance.
  • APIs are versioned in the URI to ensure backward compatibility and ease upgradability.
  • The cXML-based APIs can be leveraged to support PunchOut and also to process orders from external systems that can transmit simple order header & line data via structured XML.
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