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Content Management System (CMS)

Insite Software’s integrated Content Management System and UI/UX layers allow manufacturers and distributors to deliver unique experiences. The UI/UX layer is technically seperated from the core platform, leveraging the InsiteCommerce Storefront APIs for executing business logic. This seperation enables organizations to easily adjust the front-end without having to worry about affecting the core business rules.

Responsive Design

Pages are responsively designed, so that a single page will optimally adjust to the given screen size – desktop, tablet or mobile phone. The pages are built with modern browser technologies, including TypeScript/AngularJS, HTML5, CSS3, etc., so organizations can easily adjust the look and feel of the site to meet their unique branding requirements.

Flexible Control

The UI/UX layer is technically separated from the core platform, leveraging the InsiteCommerce Storefront APIs for executing the business logic. This separation enables organizations to easily adjust the front-end without having to worry about affecting the core business rules.

Business Users

Business users can create any number of content pages while in context of the site. They can also adjust product or category content while on the pages themselves. In addition, users can create unique content per language, rules-based persona and/or device.


Marketing teams can easily create and adjust content for any number of configurable personas. Merchandisers can leverage the InsiteCommerce persona rules engine to define unique personas based on user, customer or location attributes, enabling merchandisers to target specific user or customer segments with unique content.

Outstanding for .NET Developers

“InsiteCommerce is a really outstanding product for .NET developers. It was built with the fundamental idea that it can be extended to fit the customer’s needs. These extension points give developers a lot of flexibility to enhance the product for their clients.”


Himadri Chakrabarti, Director of Technology

Nish Tech
  • InsiteCommerce includes a full set of responsive site pages that reflect the platform’s robust set of features. It also includes a well-featured WCMS tool allowing users to create content pages and edit product or category content in context of the site itself.
  • The UI/UX pages can be adjusted at a theme level and/or widget level – allowing for flexibility in updating the look & feel for an entire site or target specific areas of a site.
  • The WCMS capabilities allow business users to manage content for each persona, language and device combination.
  • Business Users can choose to preview the content as they make changes and leverage the content workflow should approval be necessary. Once the content is ready, it can be published immediately or scheduled for a future date.
  • Personas are a powerful tool for merchandisers to target specific content to a specific set of users or customers. Business users can utilize the InsiteCommerce persona rules engine to define segments based on a number of data elements including: customer fields, user fields, authenticated/not authenticated and location.
  • All site pages reflect the localization capabilities of the InsiteCommerce platform, allowing for multiple languages, multiple currencies, regional date & number formats, etc.
  • If an organization already has a best-of-breed CMS that they want to leverage, they do not need to utilize Insite’s site pages for their UI/UX layer. They can utilize the InsiteCommerce APIs to entirely build out their own front-end.
  • Organizations can also leverage any combination of tools to build out the front end from a single instance of InsiteCommerce. For example, Insite’s pages can be utilized for the core B2B sites, best-in-breed CMS for the B2C experience, and their own development staff creating a mobile site or IoT/M2M intake process.
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Manufacturing and distribution companies know that the true value of digital commerce is the ability to make it easier for your customers to do business with you. The B2B buyer is often responsible for purchasing products from one to many vendors or product types

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