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Flexible Control & Powerful Capabilities

You Control the Front-End

Already have a best-in-breed CMS you want to leverage? Want to build a custom front-end? Interested in leveraging Insite’s UI/UX layer? The power is in your hands! Leverage Insite’s fully functional content management system and full set of pages or decouple the CMS to run InsiteCommerce as a headless commerce engine.

Insite’s UI/UX Layer

The InsiteCommerce front-end is technically separated from the core platform enabling organizations to easily adjust the front-end without impacting the core business rules. The UI/UX pages are responsively designed and built with modern browser technologies including JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, etc. giving you the flexibility to easily adjust the look and feel of the site to meet your unique requirements.

Your People, Empowered

Learn more about how Insite’s CMS can help you deploy modern, customized experiences here.

Business Users

With Insite’s fully functional CMS, your business users can easily create any number of content pages for the site. They can simply adjust the look and feel and launch the site.

Marketers / Merchandisers

Leveraging Insite’s CMS, marketers can create and adjust content for any number of personas and utilize the promotions engine to effectively market to customers.


InsiteCommerce was built with the fundamental idea that it can be extended to meet unique needs. If you prefer, your team of developers can utilize the InsiteCommerce APIs to build out their own front-end.

The Guide to Powering Up Your People with B2B eCommerce

Marketers, Business Users and Developers aren’t the only ones that benefit from InsiteCommerce. In the Guide to Powering Up Your People with B2B eCommerce, learn how everyone – from the CEO to the field service technician has a role to play in eCommerce.

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