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InsiteConnect™ for IFS

 InsiteConnect for IFS delivers predefined connection points intended to reduce integration efforts between InsiteCommerce® and your IFS ERP. 

 InsiteConnect for IFS leverages common data and order constructs that are contained in the ERP and connect them with the necessary data points within InsiteCommerce. The connector is activated through configuration within the InsiteCommerce Admin Console, thus reducing the time spent with traditional integration.

InsiteConnect for IFS

Integration to an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, such as IFS is critical for a successful eCommerce implementation. It is imperative that the data flow between the eCommerce and ERP systems are in sync for business rule enforcement and automation of order processing. Insite’s integration approach to IFS leverages the ERP’s critical data and order constructs. This integration enables a quick-to-market implementation, helping a company deploy an eCommerce site that has robust functionality and is tightly coupled to the ERP, yet flexible enough to respond quickly to ever-evolving eCommerce requirements.

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InsiteCommerce integrates with IFS ERP.

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