Deployment Options

Deployment Options For Any Scenario

InsiteCommerce can be deployed in many different environments, including: client-managed, hosted (Insite, Implementation Partner, 3rd Party), or SaaS. For clients who choose to manage their own environment, the platform can be hosted in virtually any data center that can support an IIS & Windows-based application. This includes many of the cloud-based providers, including: Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Rackspace, etc.

Always single-tenant

The InsiteCommerce platform is purposely built in a single-tenant model, even in the SaaS environment, to support the B2B needs of an organization to maintain data security, isolate their environment from ‘noisy neighbors’, and allow flexibility to schedule upgrades outside of their primary business season.

Insite Software Approach

Organizations that choose to self-host can build out as robust of an environment as required. Depending on performance and disaster recovery requirements, clients can install the platform on a small footprint (e.g. single web server and database server) or built out with extensive redundancy across the entire platform (e.g. multiple web servers behind a load balancer, mirrored database servers, CDN for content, etc.).

Security and performance is an important aspect of the InsiteCommerce platform. It is PA-DSS compliant and regularly undergoes external validation.  Our hosted and SaaS offerings are PCI-DSS certified and undergoes external validation including penetration and security tests to ensure vulnerabilities are identified and resolved. Every release of the platform is benchmarked in terms of performance, ensuring that page load times remain within an optimal range.

Features & Benefits

  • Built upon the .NET framework and other common technology, the platform can be implemented on stock hardware infrastructure.
  • The platform can be deployed on-premises, hosted by an implementation partner or Insite, or via Insite’s SaaS environment.
  • The single-tenant model helps support the unique B2B need to keep their environment secure, isolated and performant.
  • Organizations can create as simple or as complex environment as required – helping to keep the platform costs low yet support a robust disaster recovery & redundancy plan.
  • Security and performance of the platform are regularly tested to ensure a safe and performant site experience.
  • “InsiteCommerce is a really outstanding product for .NET developers. It was built with the fundamental idea that it can be extended to fit the customer’s needs. These extension points give developers a lot of flexibility to enhance the product for their clients.”

    Himadri ChakrabartiDirector of Technology - Nish Tech

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