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Choosing B2B eCommerce Platforms: Challenges, Strategy, and Case Studies – White Paper

Brought to you by Nish Tech and Insite, this white paper illustrates how manufacturers and distributors can strategically select their eCommerce platform and includes success stories from Thule Group, Nidec Motor Corporation and American Paper & Twine.

B2B eCommerce Selection

Choosing the right B2B eCommerce platform is far more intricate than considering design, branding, or meeting a list of technical specifications. The reality is that B2B commerce is far more complex than its B2C cousin. If you’re a manufacturer or distributor, choosing your eCommerce platform is a big decision that can mean the difference between success and failure.

Critical eCommerce Implementation Challenges B2B Businesses Face

Failure to Integrate with Existing Infrastructure
Poor User Experience
Developing without Internal Buy-in
Incorrect Pricing of Platform
Misaligned Strategic Roadmap

How this White Paper Helps:

Learn how to face the critical challenges B2B businesses face by downloading the white paper today. You’ll learn about:

  • Criteria for selecting a B2B Commerce platform
  • Success stories from various B2B companies
  • Strategic questions to ask before choosing a B2B eCommerce platform
Download the white paper now »

Customers Highlighted in White Paper

With an enhanced eCommerce platform, Thule’s online ordering went from 10% to 80% of their sales within a few years. Read more »

B2B functionality like real time inventory, advanced search, and product recommendations led to a 32% increase in online sales for Nidec Motor Corporation. Read more »

With InsiteCommerce, American Paper & Twine saw a decrease in the number of customer service calls which has increased their capacity for more value-add customer assistance. Read more »

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