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Key eCommerce Trends in Manufacturing and Distribution 2019

The manufacturing and distribution industries are ultra-competitive, complex and volatile. Companies are responding to industry pressure by crafting and adjusting their eCommerce strategies. But what exactly does that look like in 2019? Jonathan Bein, Dean Mueller and Insite Software set out to discover just that. They’re excited to share their findings about the State of eCommerce in Manufacturing and Distribution in this webinar.

Jonathan Bein

Managing Partner | RRM

Dean Mueller

Senior Partner | RRM

Brian Lunde

VP, Customer Success | Insite

In this webinar…

Watch to learn how manufacturers and distributors are using and adopting eCommerce. Plus, presenters will cover key highlights from the 2019 State of eCommerce survey including:

  • The highest priorities for eCommerce in manufacturing and distribution
  • How manufacturers and distributors are setting eCommerce revenue objectives
  • The importance of personalizing messages based on roles and personas
  • eCommerce revenue trends in manufacturing and distribution
  • Satisfaction levels of current eCommerce strategy and investment