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The Next 100 Years of HVAC

How Behler-Young is Leveraging eCommerce to Build a Stronger Future

HVAC is a well-established sector with companies who have been around for decades. Behler-Young, for example has roots dating all the way back to 1926. They’ve survived the likes of the Great Depression, World War II and the Digital Revolution.

As new technologies emerge, generations shift and the HVAC industry evolves, how are you preparing your business to survive for the next 100 years?

Behler-Young is approaching the new decade with a fierce dedication to customers and a promise to innovate along the way. 2020 presents a fresh opportunity to focus on building even stronger omnichannel experiences.

Thressa Gustafson

Customer Success Director | Insite

Kari Schellie

Senior Marketing Manager | Behler-Young

Tricia Peterson

Account Director | Absolunet

In This Webinar…

You’ll hear from Kari Schellie, Senior Marketing Manager at Behler-Young, Tricia Peterson, Account Director at Absolunet and Thressa Gustafson, Customer Success Director at Insite as they discuss:

  • Major HVAC trends to watch for in 2020
  • How Behler-Young built an eCommerce experience that’s bringing the company into the future
  • How HVAC distributors can successfully serve the new generation of tech-savvy workers without alienating the generation that was built on relationships


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