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How Consolidated Supply Serves their Customers Anytime, Anywhere with InsiteCommerce

Josh Schoonmaker

Director of Digital Solutions | Consolidated Supply

Mike Bernard

VP of Product & Audience Marketing | Episerver

Disruption from COVID-19 and social distancing measures took a toll on many distributors’ businesses. But Consolidated Supply developed a winning digital strategy that allowed them to pivot quickly and serve their customers, even at the height of a pandemic.

In this on demand webinar, hear from Josh Schoonmaker, Director of Digital Solutions at Consolidated Supply to learn:

  • How eCommerce transformed Consolidated Supply and enabled them to maintain business in the face of disruption
  • How Consolidated Supply leverages built-in B2B functionality within InsiteCommerce, to power website capabilities their customers love like “My List”, “My Products” and “Quick Order”
  • How distributors can prepare for the future by building an agile team

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