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Evaluating the Essential Factors in Choosing the Right B2B eCommerce Platform

The importance of eCommerce continues to grow for B2B organizations. B2B Online and WBR Insights surveyed 100 manufacturers and distributors to understand what they are looking for in their ideal eCommerce platform.

WBR Insights

What's Inside?

The importance of ecommerce continues to grow for B2B organizations, and at the crux of a successful ecommerce strategy is a platform that can support an excellent experience for customers as well as seamless data management on the backend. In order to better-understand what B2B ecommerce executives are looking for when sourcing their ideal ecommerce platform, B2B Online surveyed 100 executives on their preferences.

Key Findings

Significant Source of Revenue

eCommerce is a significant source of revenue for the majority of B2B respondents who have invested in the channel. Now, the ability to grow their strategies is contingent on improving the efficiency of their eCommerce sites, as well as the back-end management of data.

Technical Compatibility

The most common limiting factor preventing respondents from updating their ecommerce platforms is a lack of compatibility with their existing technology infrastructure. Conversely, the ability to integrate with existing technology setups is the most important factor that makes a potential solution appealing.

New Tools

Advanced PIM systems as well as assisted sales alternatives such as AI-enabled chatbots are the new ecommerce tools that respondents feel are the most essential to their success.

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