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Driving Revenue with B2B eCommerce – eBook

How manufacturers and distributors are leveraging eCommerce to retain customers, increase new customers, drive revenue per customer and drive revenue per product

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Meeting your Revenue Goals with eCommerce

Revenue. Without it, your company simply wouldn’t survive. To not only survive, but thrive, you have to make aggressive revenue goals. Then of course, you have to create an effective strategy to help you reach those goals.

How are you going to drive more revenue in your manufacturing or distribution organization? You’ll need to focus on your commerce strategy. Then it’s time to think digital. Insite’s newest eBook is bound to help you pave a path for digital commerce.

A Look Inside

In this eBook manufacturers and distributors will learn how they can leverage eCommerce to drive revenue by tackling the following elements:

  • Retaining customers
  • Increasing new customers
  • Drive revenue per customer
  • Drive revenue per product

Download now to discover how to use eCommerce to meet and exceed your revenue goals.

Discover how to use eCommerce to meet and exceed your revenue goals.

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Revenue Success

Learn how these manufacturers and distributors drove revenue with InsiteCommerce.

Macpek increased its revenue by 43% just one month after the launch of its eCommerce platform. By May 2018, Macpek’s revenue doubled since the first quarter of 2017. Read more »

Since incorporating Insite Software, The Granite Group has been analyzing the shift from full-service channels to self-service channels. They have seen an increase of online orders by more than 50% year-over-year and estimates that by 2020 eCommerce could account for up to 20% of their business. Read more »

In Canada Thule’s new market, the number of orders over the past 12 months increased by 2.5 times and the dollar amount of sales doubled. Overall, the volume of North American sales increased by 20%. Read more »

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