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Car Parts & eCommerce - White Paper

Profitable Omnichannel Strategies for B2B, B2C & D2C Merchants in the Automotive Aftermarket.

Strategies Amidst Disruption

As your customers are researching and buying car parts online and offline, your core business is likely facing a number of major disruptors such as:

  • The supply chain is no longer linear, or simple
  • There are more products than ever
  • Your buyers are digitally savvy
  • Product information is even more important than brand
  • You can’t merely count on loyal customers

With all of the change it is important to adjust your strategy accordingly. Learn about your next best steps by downloading the white paper from Absolunet, inRiver and Insite now.

Content Highlights:

  1. Choose the right eCommerce platform for your business and your customers
  2. Product information is your competitive advantage
  3. Understand your partner network and which channels will help you sell
  4. Set your business up for long term success
  5. Relevant case studies

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