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Ready to prove your knowledge of Insite products? Get InsiteCertified!

  • InsiteCertified is Insite’s product knowledge certification program.
  • Earn certificates for the completion of any courses or paths, then get the certification badge to prove you can apply what you learned during a scenario-based exam or project.
  • Share your custom InsiteCertified badges on your LinkedIn profile or add them to your email signature.

Program Details

All certifications last for one year from the date of issue. We regularly release features, so this will help keep you up-to-date! Recertifications are 75% off the list price after your initial certification. Retakes, if needed, are $100.

Enroll Today!

Contact your Customer Success Director or Partner Success Director today to learn more or to enroll in a certification!

* Insite will bill you for certifications after you work with your CSD or PSD to decide when you want to complete them.

End User Certifications

The following end user certifications are $250 each:

  • InsiteCommerce/InsiteOnline End User
  • InsiteCommerce/InsiteOnline Administrator
  • InsitePIM Consultant
  • InsitePIM Administrator*
  • InsiteCommerce/InsiteOnline BA*
  • InsiteCommerce/InsiteOnline TSA*

*Coming later in 2020!

Developer Certifications

The following developer certifications are $350 each:

  • InsiteCommerce Developer
Feature Certifications

The following feature certifications are $150 each:

  • CMS Spire*
  • Search*
  • Promotions*

*Coming later in 2020!

Note: Partner discounts do not apply to certifications.