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Powerful training and certification options for every person on your team. Insite’s team of experienced trainers and subject matter experts provide high-quality courses for end users, partner developers and everyone in between. Insite’s Knowledge and Learning team promises to set you up with the best training and certification options, every time.


InsiteCampus is focused on providing learning opportunities by functional role. Access unique courses for everyone involved in the complex world of B2B to help you get the most out of your investment in InsiteCommerce. Pick the path that fits your role, then add more topics when you need to expand your knowledge.

Course Details

Insite recommends dedicating at least two days to complete all courses in the Administrator Path, or a half-day to one day to complete the smaller functional role paths. Courses include text, videos, knowledge checks and application walkthroughs. Each topic within the paths is a separate course containing individual lessons.

Looking for InsiteOnline courses? We’ve got you covered. InsiteOnline courses follow the same structure as InsiteCommerce courses except in some non applicable cases.

We are pleased to announce that our InsiteCampus eLearning courses are free until June 30, 2020.*

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InsiteCommerce End User Paths

Cost: Included with purchase of any other learning path

eCommerce Strategy Path

A series of 13 short videos that cover considerations, strategies and general functionality to think about when planning an eCommerce website implementation. This path applies to all functional roles, is great preparation for your workshop and is a good executive overview of InsiteCommerce.

Topics covered include What is eCommerce? and What is InsiteCommerce?

Coming later in 2020!

  • Who are our users and customers?
  • What products do we have?
  • What is our merchandising strategy?
  • What is our pricing and inventory strategy?
  • What is our marketing strategy?
  • What site and product content do we need and how does this impact SEO?
  • How do we want our site to look and feel?
  • How do we want search and filtering to work?
  • How do we want our customers to self-service?
  • How do we want our order and checkout process to work?
  • What external systems are we integrating with?

Cost: $600 USD

InsiteCommerce Administrator Path

The Administrator Path is our most comprehensive, covering all the major platform functionality you need to know for a basic implementation. This path is best for technical users like IT personnel and partner implementers.

Topics We Cover

  • Where to set up my site
  • How to set up and onboard users and customers
  • How to pull in and configure product data
  • How to implement my merchandising strategy
  • How to implement workflows
  • How to implement my inventory and pricing strategy
  • How to implement my marketing strategy
  • How to configure and implement search
  • How to configure and implement SEO
  • How to set up customer self-service
  • How to implement the order and checkout process
  • How to implement ways to make ordering more efficient
  • How to implement the overall look and feel of my site and add content
  • How to connect with external systems and services

Cost: $600 USD

InsiteCommerce Customer Service Representatives Path

The Customer Service Representative Path covers what you need to know to support customers with using the website, completing purchases and self-servicing. This path is best for anyone in a support or operations role.

Topics We Cover

  • How to onboard customers to my new site
  • How to maintain users and customers
  • How to help customers complete orders
  • How to help customers order more efficiently
  • How to help customers self-service

Cost: $600 USD

InsiteCommerce Merchandiser Path

The Merchandiser Path covers category and product setup, as well as optional functionality like product variants and configuration. If you’re part of the product management or merchandising team, this path’s for you!

Topics We Cover

  • How to manage the product catalog
  • How to understand and manage search
  • How to manage inventory and pricing

Cost: $600 USD

InsiteCommerce Marketer Path

The Marketer Path covers email communications, promotions and configuring product search. This path is for anyone who has their hand in marketing or promotional activities.

Topics We Cover

  • How to create a personalized experience on my site
  • How to manage the overall look and feel of my site and maintain content
  • How to promote my site and reach my customers

Cost: $600 USD

InsiteCommerce Sales Path

The Sales Path covers how to access customers, complete requests for quotes and manage the sales approval process. Anyone involved in the sales process would benefit from this path.

Topics We Cover

  • How to access my customers
  • How to interact with my customers
  • How to interact with my Sales Manager

Cost: $600 USD

InsiteCommerce eCommmerce Manager Path

The eCommerce Manager Path covers the basics of website administration and integration. This path is best for anyone in charge of overseeing or implementing and eCommerce website.

Topics We Cover

  • How to maintain my site
  • How to manage my integrations

InsiteCommerce Partner Paths

Cost: $1,800

InsiteCommerce Partner Developer Path

The course focuses on the skills necessary for implementing the InsiteCommerce platform. This course describes best practices and methodologies to configure and customize InsiteCommerce. In this course, experienced .NET developers gain the knowledge and skills they need to develop InsiteCommerce applications with the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5. InsiteCommerce is the leading .NET commerce platform, built to meet the ever-changing demands of business and commerce. InsiteCommerce takes business-to-business (B2B) digital commerce to the next level with its scalable, robust architecture and deep integration capabilities.

Topics We Cover

  • Welcome to InsiteCommerce for Developers
  • Understand and Extend the Data Model
  • Work with Themes and CMS Extensions
  • Develop Search Extensions
  • Leverage the APIs
  • Develop Server-Side Extensions with Handlers, Pipelines, Helpers and Utilities
  • Develop Server-Side Extensions with the Rules Engine, Mappers and Plugins
  • Configure and Extend Security Controls
  • Leverage the Integration Technology
  • Monitor Performance

Note: The Developer Path also includes all Administrator training.

Cost: $1,800

* Coming later in 2020!

InsiteCommerce Technical Solution Architect Path

This path will cover what Technical Solution Architects need to know to synthesize complex eCommerce and business requirements, how to map requirements to the base functionality and logic that drives InsiteCommerce and how to design and implement platform extensions.

Cost: $600

* Coming later in 2020!

InsiteCommerce Business Analyst Path

This path will cover what Business Analysts need to know to be able to guide customers through an InsiteCommerce implementation, including gathering and understanding requirements, mapping requirements to base platform functionality, providing industry best practices and tracking progress.

Other Product Paths

Cost: $600 USD

InsitePIM Administrator Path

Learn how to configure and manage your product information in InsitePIM. Plan and organize your data before you load products and assets into InsitePIM and start working with them.

Topics We Cover

  • What is InsitePIM?
  • Configure Your Product Information
  • Add and Maintain Your Product Information

Cost: $600 USD

InsitePIM Consultant Certification Path

Note: This certification course is not included in the free course due to certification courses require additional resources to support.

Take this course after you have completed the InsitePIM Administrator Path. Once completed, this course and exam will certify you as an InsitePIM consultant.

Topics We Cover

  • What is InsitePIM?
  • How is InsitePIM Different from Stand-Alone PIMs?
  • How Does InsitePIM Integrate with InsiteCommerce?
  • What is the Recommended Strategy for Implementing InsitePIM?
  • What are Design Considerations for InsitePIM Date?
  • What is Your Role in InsitePIM Implementations?
  • InsitePIM Consultant Certification Assessment

Cost: Included with InsiteAnalytics subscription

InsiteAnalytics Path

This path contains a series of videos about the InsiteAnalytics dashboards.

Topics We Cover

  • InsiteAnalytics Overview
  • Order Channel Dashboard
  • Abandoned Cart Dashboard
  • Year Over Year Comparison Dashboard
  • Customer Statistics Dashboard
  • eCommerce Campaigns Dashboard
  • Product Engagement Dashboard
  • Acquisition Dashboard
  • Audience Dashboard
  • Behavior Dashboard
  • Search Events Dashboard
  • Self-Service Events Dashboard
  • Mobile App Analytics Dashboard

Cost: $600

InsitePortfolio for End Users Path

Learn how to use InsitePortfolio to access and share your company’s product, sales, marketing and education materials.

Topics We Cover

  • InsitePortfolio Basics
  • Organize InsitePortfolio
  • Experience InsitePortfolio

Cost: $600

InsitePortfolio for Account Admins Path

Learn how to configure, curate, evaluate and maintain InsitePortfolio to deliver and manage your company’s product, sales, marketing and education materials.

Topics We Cover

  • InsitePortfolio Basics
  • Configuring InsitePortfolio
  • Curating InsitePortfolio
  • Evaluating InsitePortfolio
  • Maintaining InsitePortfolio
  • Experience InsitePortfolio

* Insite will bill you for course paths after you work with your CSD or PSD to decide when you want to complete them.