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PunchOut eCommerce

What is PunchOut eCommerce

Punchout eCommerce refers to the electronic communication protocol between a vendor’s web store front and a buyer’s eCommerce application. The buyer “punches out” of their company’s system or e-procurement application and goes to the supplier’s online catalog to locate and add items to their shopping cart, while their application maintains connection with the website, gathers information and submits the order, using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

What are the benefits of punchout?

There are 6 specific benefits that we’ve identified:

  • Reducing operational costs
  • Eliminating manural PO entry
  • Allowing purchasing to interface with other company systems
  • Ensuring adherence to negotiated contracts
  • Allowing management to control purchasing budgets
  • Delivering the right information to customers

How does InsiteCommerce work with PunchOut?

The PunchOut connection between InsiteCommerce® and the appropriate procurement systems happens behind the scenes for a smooth customer experience. The InsiteCommerce PunchOut functionality is built using cXML. Learn more about InsiteCommerce’s Punchout integration here

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