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Test Drive InsitePortfolio™

Get hands-on with Insite Software’s latest offering: a mobile app built for B2B sales.

Want to take InsitePortfolio™ for Sales and Services for a Test Drive?

Insite Software is now offering qualified companies the ability to try out InsitePortfolio‘s many features and functionalities for their own assets, free of charge. InsitePortfolio for Sales and Services experts will guide you through demos, usage examples, and answer questions along the way, provisioning your own account to utilize your own assets for internal use.

Interested in a Test Drive of InsitePortfolio™?

What is InsitePortfolio™?

Insite Software’s InsitePortfolio™ for Sales and Services is an enterprise-class digital delivery platform designed to provide reliable access to digital product catalogs and related sales, marketing and education content in a branded native application. Built to be mobile, InsitePortfolio™ for Sales and Services can be accessed from native iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile devices, as well as the web. It is a SaaS platform that provides online or offline access to digital information to defined audiences, while reporting key data on usage activity to management—connecting sales, marketing and leadership teams with the right content, insights and tools for the ultimate customer experience. Additionally, InsitePortfolio™ for Sales and Services offers a variety of ways to leverage the content and assets you choose to store within it, such as:

  • Digital Product Catalog – With InsitePortfolio Digital Product Catalog, B2B manufacturers and distributors have a tool to engage users in a branded, interactive catalog experience that drives more value from existing product data.
  • Digital Collateral Portal – For content owners and curators, InsitePortfolio Digital Collateral Portal provides robust tools to centrally manage, organize and package all their marketing, sales and education media in one place.
  • Branded Mobile App – InsitePortfolio’s Branded Mobile App capabilities enable manufacturers and distributors to provide a branded mobile experience.

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