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Your catalog, offline.

Many B2B manufacturers and distributors want to engage their employees and channel partners in more meaningful ways but don’t know where to begin. Insite has found that one of the fastest ways to improve engagement is by focusing on one of the most commonly used resources across internal and external teams – the product catalog.



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With InsitePortfolio™ Digital Product Catalog, B2B manufacturers and distributors now have a tool to engage users in a branded, interactive catalog experience that reduces print expenses, drives more value from existing product data and catalogs and provides the ability to measure what products are being viewed by users. Internal teams, Sales Channels, customers or any other audience can now easily open a branded app on their mobile device to quickly search, browse, filter and share product information. These objectives can all be accomplished without any additional investment in product configuration, app development or data integration by leveraging InsiteCommerce®’s API-first approach.

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