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InsiteCommerce® vs. Unilog Platform Comparison

Unilog offers a B2B eCommerce solution. Insite has been laser-focused on B2B since day one. How do the two solutions compare?

What’s Your Goal?

Let my customers find what they need
Intuitive Search

Let me buy the way I want to buy
Procurement Efficiency

Make it about me
User Experience

Make it easy for me to do my job
Internal Efficiency

Help me sell and market more effectively

Help me differentiate my product from my competition
Product Management

Why Native B2B Functionality Matters

With more native B2B functionality than any other platform on the marketplace, InsiteCommerce solves the unique and complex challenges manufacturers and distributors face. Here’s why that matters.


Utilizing a platform with rich B2B search features should also include business-user friendly tuning tools. Easily adding search synonyms to help direct those who search for industry-specific terms or jargon can help tune the searchers experience and avoid the dreaded “no results found” screen. The ability to also adjust rankings by burying and boosting results based on any criteria is helpful in refining the results page. Consider adding in search redirects to take searchers directly to any page when they search a specific term to minimize click paths. These adjustments are needed to serve the B2B buying needs of the searchers, and should be easily adjusted on the fly by marketers, merchandisers, and developers alike.


The B2B checkout process can be quite complex. Multiple order approvals, billing and shipping combinations, payment complexity and credit limits to name a few. B2B checkout processes need to be able to allow for the complexities of B2B customers (multiple ship-to, bill-to, credit limits, etc.) and B2B pricing (volume discounts, contract pricing, etc.), while not becoming cumbersome or too difficult to use causing buyers to abandon their purchase. Since manufacturers create products of all sizes and weights, managing multiple freight and shipping options by integrating with specialty freight providers is often required.

User Experience

The user experience in B2B is about the ability to deliver unique front end experiences (CMS) from information that is relevant to someone regardless if it is by customer segment, location, device or another data point. Things to consider include the ability to assign customers and roles to individual users. In order to deliver relevant content including language specific, currency, previously viewed products and so much more.

Internal Efficiency

Do not underestimate the importance of a strong integration toolset when considering a B2B eCommerce solution. Whether it’s ERP integrations, PIM, DAM, or payment & invoicing providers, a robust framework and API-first approach is crucial. When companies get integration right, an eCommerce solution becomes the system that drives collaboration between your organization and the customers that you serve each and every day.


The ability to market to your customers effectively is a very critical part of the B2B eCommerce journey. Give your team the ability to adapt to changing conditions quickly, through visual tools and make their experience relevant. Consider marketing capabilities like merchandising and promotions, the ability to cross sell products across your product mix, and upsell as well as a powerful CMS that makes it easy to make the customers experience the best it can be.

Product Catalog

Manufacturing and distribution companies know how critical their catalogs are to their business, and having the ability to configure catalogs that are unique and personalized to their customers. Make it easy for product teams  to sell across their product line, and sell the most relevant products for your business.

Unified Commerce Experiences

A unified B2B commerce environment drives more sales and more value for the entire organization by increasing efficiency, reducing costs, and accelerating productivity for every single person involved.

A Leader in B2B Commerce

Insite Software named a Leader in The Forrester Wave: B2B Commerce Suites, Q1 2017. Forrester notes: “Customers consistently describe Insite as laser focused on B2B and especially client focused


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