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Insite’s Product Roadmap

We aren’t about buzzwords or flashy features. We don’t just build functionality to check the boxes. We have a methodical, customer-first approach to building our blueprint for the future. Here’s how we do it.

We Listen.

Our customers know their businesses better than we ever will. Industry analysts spend more time evaluating solutions than we could ever allocate. Our partners are some of the sharpest digital transformation experts out there. That’s why we let them do the talking. We build a stronger roadmap by listening to our greatest stakeholders.


Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. They have significant impact on how we design our roadmap. In fact, 20% of our product roadmap is driven directly by our Customer Advisory Board. We conduct customer interviews, listen to our customer community and get direction from customers that attend our Engage User Conference.

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Our implementation, consulting and technology partners are just as close to our customers as we are. They take time to understand how the technology integrates into our customers’ businesses. They understand how eCommerce impacts people, processes and technology. They consistently help us prioritize and validate our product roadmap.

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Our Solution Consultants are constantly giving demos, fielding questions and responding to project requests from potential manufacturing and distribution customers. They hear from companies asking about specific features and functionality and we make it happen.

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Our competitors are around for a reason. We don’t ignore what they’re doing. We analyze competition through webinars, research, product information and more. To be the best, you have to know the best.

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There’s a reason people build careers around analyzing technology. There’s a lot of clutter out there. Analysts like Forrester, Gartner and IDC make complex marketplaces a little easier to understand. They help uncover what’s really needed in a platform, and what’s just bells and whistles.

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Since day one we’ve been focused on manufacturing and distribution. That’s why we are involved in groups and associations that our customers are part of. From AD to ERP user groups, we have a pulse on the manufacturing and distribution industries. We take what we learn from the industry to the core of our platform.

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We Prioritize.

Our eCommerce products are built to help manufacturers and distributors drive revenue, efficiency and customer engagement. So when we build our product roadmap we focus on making sure improvements and new features will help drive true business value. Here are some other Insite roadmap themes.

Service Differentiators

We want our product to delight your customers. Our goal is to help you compete and win.


Sell Smarter, Not Harder

We use data to increase your competitive edge. And we provide tools that help you track and measure your performance.

Work Efficiently

Working efficiently means doing more with less and saving you time and money.

Focus on Technology and Performance

We’re always keeping up on new and relevant technologies and we’re hyper-focused on ensuring your solution is secure and performing correctly.

We Get Organized.

As we evaluate our product roadmap, we tentatively schedule a yearly list of features. We finalize the release feature set 30-90 days before beginning development. Then we reevaluate and reprioritize based on what our stakeholders need in terms of features, technology, performance and operations.

TestEquity Company Logo

“I feel like a valued customer. I mean that with all sincerity. Insite makes me feel like we are part of the team. Like we are in it together. The partnership is great and I’m happy to offer feedback about the platform.”

Jeff Hileman

Director of eCommerce, TestEquity

Consolidated Supply Company Logo

“Many eCommerce vendors are starting to wake up and recognize the needs of B2B and that they are distinct. Insite is already a step ahead of them and has always been focused on B2B. They have robust features built-in. They aren’t just checking the boxes.”

Josh Schoonmaker

Director of Digital Solutions, Consolidated Supply

Amerhart Company Logo

With other software companies there tends to be a pretty common story. You invest in the software then the relationship changes after you’ve purchased the product. That’s different with Insite. They have a team dedicated to help you whenever you need it.”

Nate Wotruba

Sr. Systems Architect, Amerhart

Eastern Industrial Supplies Company Logo

“Insite has a very clear, detailed roadmap. We could see a clearly defined feature path well into the future. Insite’s roadmap sealed the deal for us. They are forward-thinking and focused on making distribution business like ours future-proof.”

Dennis Karpinski

Director of eCommerce and Business Analysis, Eastern Industrial Supplies

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