Platform Comparison

InsiteCommerce® vs. Magento

From the beginning, InsiteCommerce has been a B2B commerce platform built upon a foundation that reflects the complex requirements of manufacturers and distributors. Building true B2B experiences requires that a solid foundation be in place to support not only your current needs, but also your more complex needs tomorrow.

While similarities exist between B2B and B2C, a platform architected specifically for B2B is critical in supporting the complicated needs of your organization and customers. The needs of a B2B user vary wildly from a typical B2C user. Depending on their role within their organization, a B2B user could focus on procurement, researcher future product purchases and services, manage client sales in the field, support customer in a call center, manage budgets for multiple teams, or promote and educate clients on exciting new products.  A true B2B platform will have as standard the functionality to address most of these user needs, while still supporting many of the common B2C usability features, such as search, responsive design, guest checkout all while delivering a great user experience.

Some B2C platforms claim to be able to handle B2B, however their B2C heritage quickly exposes the inability of the platform to meet the growing complexities that B2B requires. While not immediately evident, these multifaceted B2B needs require organizations to pay for deep customizations and architectural changes to enable standard B2B features within the B2C platform. InsiteCommerce addresses your current B2B needs and goes beyond by incorporating features to meet your user’s expected B2C experience and it will be there for you as your true B2B needs are identified and evolve.

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