The key to a great site experience is understanding how your customers look for the products they most commonly order, and help them find new products that fit their specific needs. It’s very common in B2B companies for different people to refer to the same product in a variety of ways. Whether it’s being searched for by dimension, quantity, brand name, generic name, industry jargon, or even their own part numbers, your site search needs to serve up the correct results. InsiteCommerce Search allows business users to easily adjust the attributes of your products that are being indexed, add search synonyms, and enables boost and bury adjustments to provide a much more tuned and evolved search experience.


InsiteCommerce Feature

With InsiteCommerce® Search, you can give your customers the fast, flexible, seamless search experience they expect with a natively integrated Elasticsearch engine. This powerful technology paired with a familiar consumer-like user interface speeds interactions and creates a better purchasing experience for your customers.

InsiteCommerce Search improves your website’s search capabilities. You’ll be able to:

  • Improve search performance with a search index that supports B2B logic 
and common data like text, attributes, specifications, customer part numbers all while enforcing configurable product restrictions.
  • Allow business users to add search synonyms, stop words, redirects, sponsored products, and boosting and burying.
  • Improve website administration with the ability to easily determine what items are included in the search index.
  • Speed order entry with an interface design that displays search results in a faceted arrangement that can be filtered, as well as in a traditional search window.
  • Spelling corrections, fuzzy logic, auto-complete, and remembering recent searches all assist the customer find the results most relevant to them.
  • Improve search speed and relevancy with search results that default directly to the product detail page on searches for specific SKUs.

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