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The Power of PunchOut

Leverage the seamless customer experience provided by InsiteCommerce® while enjoying the benefits of PunchOut integration.

Seamless Customer Experience

The PunchOut connection between InsiteCommerce and the appropriate procurement systems happens behind the scenes for a smooth customer experience. The integration allows businesses to leverage InsiteCommerce while transferring customer shopping cart and transactional details back into the appropriate procurement systems.

InsiteCommerce’s PunchOut functionality is built using cXML. Insite has three preferred integration partners that have built standard connectors to InsiteCommerce.

PunchOut Partners

PunchOut partners have standard connectors to a large number of procurement systems (SAP, Ariba, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Coupa, etc.) to enable PunchOut commerce. Each partner also has experience and expertise implementing these integrations. These solutions serve as a translator between procurement systems and InsiteCommerce.

Sales Ordering Automation Partner

Insite’s sales ordering automation partner, Conexiom accepts orders sent in your customer’s emails and faxes and converts them to a cXML file to be processed by InsiteCommerce.

PunchOut Integration: A Win-Win

Benefits for Your Business

  • Marketing copy, search, and other InsiteCommerce benefits are available
  • See an increase in business as your customers have fewer hoops to jump through
  • Less integration points to manage as InsiteCommerce handles processing o purchase orders and sends them back to the ERP

Benefits for Your Customers

  • Enjoy a fully integrated eCommerce experience
  • No need to navigate excel-spreadsheets or large catalog files
  • Your site becomes their one-stop shop for purchase orders and shopping
  • Abide by spend limits and approvals that are set by the originating ERP
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For B2B organizations doing eCommerce, PunchOut provides one way to increase customer loyalty, and increase overall engagement. Download now to learn about InsiteCommerce PunchOut Integration system.

Download now to learn more.