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eCommerce Personalization

The ability to deliver unique experiences to customers is critical to the digital success of manufacturing and distribution companies. However, like many cases in B2B eCommerce, personalization is more complex than its cousin B2C model. Where personalization in B2C is focused on the impulse buy, that is not always the case in B2B scenarios. Whether your goal is to target consumers, existing customers, new customers or a combination of all three, you need a solution that can manage the complexities associated with personalization in B2B.

About InsiteCommerce® Personalization

Target existing customers with data that is specific to their needs by role or industry. Use unique experiences to find and engage new customers. Use dynamic product recommendations to engage prospects with your business, or target existing customers through cross-sell and up-sell capabilities. Take advantage of the native capabilities of multiple sites on a single instance to deliver personalized experiences by segment, location or even device. Whatever your goal InsiteCommerce has the power you need to deliver the experiences you want to build your business.

Cart and Checkout

The ability to configure the cart and checkout process gives manufacturing and distribution companies the power they need to deliver personalized experiences to their users.

Catalog Management

The people of B2B eCommerce are making product decisions that are relevant to their jobs and roles within a business.  Present product information to your users that is personalized and relevant, drive customer satisfaction and increase engagement.

Content Management System (CMS)

Deliver the personalized experiences your users expect through the InsiteCommerce Content Management System (CMS). Our fully integrated CMS is designed to deliver the front-end experience that you would expect from a stand alone CMS solution.


InsiteCommerce Globalization functionality allows manufacturing and distribution companies to improve their global eCommerce processes, speed up online transactions and increase revenue.


Guest User

Reach new customers by industry, location or even by device with the InsiteCommerce Guest User experience. Deliver a B2C like user experience to engage with new and potential customers.


The key to a great personalized site experience is understanding how your customers look for products and information they want and need. InsiteCommerce® search delivers results your users demand.

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B2B personalization is more complex than B2C. Download now to learn how InsiteCommerce is built and designed to manage those complexities.

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View the out-of-the box B2B functionality available in the InsiteCommerce solution.

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