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Reduce Cost to Serve and Increase Customer Satisfaction with Order Management

Your customers want a more efficient way to do business with you. They prefer to self-serve whenever possible. Make it easy for your customers to download copies of recent and past invoices, check the status of an order, manage multiple payment and shipping options and check other order information on their terms.


— Display current and historical transactions and invoices —

— Allow easy reorder and RMA options —

— Easily configure shipping, tax and payment provider options —

InsiteCommerce’s Administration Console and integrations allow businesses to manage:


As soon as a visitor lands on your site, a cart is created with a unique identifier, whether the customer is logged in or not. A cart turns into an order as the customer adds items to the cart. User IDs are added to the cart if the user is logged in, allowing abandoned carts to be tracked or maintained.


Depending on how a company integrates or chooses to allow RMAs, customers may have the ability to begin the RMA process directly from the original order when logged in.


Companies can create multiple carriers with multiple services for each carrier. Rating information and surcharges can be calculated via integrations or configurable business logic rules.

Order History

Companies can choose to push all orders to InsiteCommerce, even those placed through other channels to allow customers to review all their interactions in one place.


When a user adds items to a cart, an order is created with a “Cart” status. As that user checks out, the order is “Submitted”, then “Reviewed”, “Processed”, and finally “Complete” depending on ERP integration. Orders can be sent to the ERP in real-time or in scheduled batches.


Various payment gateways and tax calculation vendors can be configured in InsiteCommerce.

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