Catalog Solution

InsiteCommerce® Cloud – Catalog Solution

With InsiteCommerce Cloud’s Catalog Solution, manufacturers and distributors can quickly stand up a fully branded, enterprise-grade catalog solution. A great way to begin digital transformation, a digital catalog allows your site to become the “source of truth” on your product’s information, allowing customers, distributors, dealers and more to reach the most in-depth content on your products.

Built using the InsiteCommerce Cloud platform, you can expect a feature-rich catalog configuration, and with the help of the built-in CMS, an easy-to-customize front end experience that is SEO and mobile friendly. Benefit from the highly-scalable built-in hosting and automatic platform upgrades of InsiteCommerce Cloud to keep your experience always up to date.

Should you so choose to want to enable a customer portal or a full eCommerce experience, easily switch into different versions of InsiteCommerce Cloud.

Key Features

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