Why Cloud?

Why InsiteCommerce in the Cloud?

With InsiteCommerce’s cloud approach, customers can launch their solution in a SaaS-based, fully-hosted, PCI-compliant environment managed by Insite. Our SaaS solution includes automatic updates, allowing companies access to new features as they are released. With hosting in a single-tenant application and database model, your data is secure and isolated, and you control when updates are applied. Our environment is designed to scale when your solution’s activity increases, growing with your needs. Insite understands that B2B is complex, and our cloud solution gives customers the flexibility to extend the platform, both server-side and within the site, using common development tools and languages. Extensions are not impacted by automatic updates applied to the platform so you can maximize the benefits of customizations without sacrificing updates and new features.

InsiteCommerce in the Cloud

The power of InsiteCommerce, in the cloud. Download the latest information sheet for more information.


Key Features

Don't worry about hosting

Let Insite handle the hosting in a high-availibility, secure, PCI-compliant environment.

Always up-to-date

Don’t worry about falling behind or missing out on important new features. Insite will automatically apply updates to your environment on a scheduled basis.

Launch your mobile app

InsiteCommerce in the cloud allows for a no development needed setup of InsiteCommerce Mobile App so your brand can be in the App Store in no time.

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