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InsiteCommerce® vs. BigCommerce

BigCommerce offers eCommerce tools that were built for B2C eCommerce, whereas Insite has been focused on B2B eCommerce since its inception over 15 years ago.

B2C or B2B?

The provider, like many other B2C-focused eCommerce companies, saw the value in venturing into the B2B eCommerce market to fulfill the needs of manufacturers and distributors. The BigCommerce SaaS solution is focused on the storefront and the shopping experience. As the B2B experts, we know that most manufacturing and distribution customers are buying for their job, and are not shopping. While B2C platforms focus solely on the shopping experience and the impulse buy, very few B2B buyers have the ability to make an impulse purchase.

InsiteCommerce® was Built for B2B from the beginning and has more native B2B capabilities out-of-the-box than any other platform on the market. With over 15 years of B2B eCommerce experience, we know B2B better than anyone. Our SaaS solution is engineered for the complexities that manufacturers and distributors face every day. Why would you risk your reputation as a manufacturer or distributor with a platform built just for the shopping experience?

Built for B2B means supporting the many-to-many relationships between people, products and the channels they serve.

Key Benefits of InsiteCommerce


We know that your business is unique. Though we have more built-in functionality than any other platform, you can add extensions where you need.


Insite connects to your backend systems like your ERP, PIM, CRM, etc. to pull and connect the data that already exists.

Built-In Functionality

Features like order workflows, approval processes, searchability, globalization, and merchandising and promotions are built-in to the platform.

InsiteCommerce Features

From intuitive search to globalization, InsiteCommerce has more B2B functionality out-of-the-box than any other platform on the market. Manufacturers and distributors choose InsiteCommerce to power their digital transformation because we are truly Built for B2B.

The Forrester Wave

Insite Software was ranked a leader in the Forrester Wave and was described by customers has laser-focused on B2B and especially client focused.

B2B is not B2C: Top 10 Differences in eCommerce

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