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InsiteCommerce® vs. Apptus

It’s the old chicken or the egg story for companies that make eCommerce an after thought.  Often we’ll see companies claiming to be B2B eCommerce solutions when their expertise falls into another category. Apptus, for example, got their start as a CPQ solution, and found out that the core to success is B2B eCommerce.

eCommerce at the Core

The biggest challenge we see is that eCommerce is at the core of digital transformation, and should never just be an after thought or an add-on. The power of commerce is having a strong core of robust B2B eCommerce workflows, rules and logic. Then expanding into other areas that are requirements for a strong eCommerce solution. The ability to configure complex products, kit and bundle products and manage personal experiences with critical catalog data is an import part of B2B eCommerce. The question is how far do you need to go with these capabilities?

We take a very different approach. Our belief centers around the fact that commerce is the most critical part of a manufacturing or distribution business. Most have spent many years managing their organizational data in an ERP, and for most, this data is their single-source-of-truth. So integration into core back office systems is a critical part of digital commerce. No one wants to manage data in multiple locations. With Insite, your eCommerce solution has customer data, product data, pricing data, shipping locations data, and more.

Having spent the past 15+ years focused on B2B eCommerce for manufacturing and distribution businesses, we know what is important. InsiteCommerce supports configuration of complex products, the ability to combine products into kits or bundles and so much more. Let’s say that you do need more robust best in class product configuration capabilities, no problem, our API first approach means expanding into that solution can be done without starting over with a costly replatform. So starting with the right solution in place means your business can grow and expand, just like it should.

In reality eCommerce is the most important part of your digital technology stack, and should never be an after thought.

InsiteCommerce Features

From intuitive search to globalization, InsiteCommerce has more B2B functionality out-of-the-box than any other platform on the market. Manufacturers and distributors choose InsiteCommerce to power their digital transformation because we are truly Built for B2B.

The Forrester Wave

The Forrester Wave is a third party analyst firm report that evaluates B2B eCommerce solutions for manufacturing and distribution companies. Insite Software was named a leader in B2B eCommerce in The Forrester Wave: B2B Commerce Suites, Q3 2018.

Unifying the B2B Commerce Experience

Many manufacturers and distributors have invested heavily in digital transformation but are not seeing the adoption rates they expected. Often this is because they are viewing eCommerce as a simple website. In order to achieve true transformation they must look beyond a website to a unified commerce environment.
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