Like a lot of B2B organizations, you have customer order history, website visitor click data, customer segment data, and marketing campaign results all stored in different systems, such as multiple commerce channels, ERP, website data services and other disparate sources. How do you compile and use all that accumulated data and insight to your fullest advantage?

InsiteAnalytics works with InsiteCommerce to give you robust analytics tools with the power to retrieve relevant, in-context data from disparate data sources and then present it in an easy-to-consume way from within a single framework, so you can effectively review, measure and assess the value of your information.

InsiteAnalytics gives you clear, straightforward visibility into trends, scorecards and cost-benefit modeling, allowing you to extract actionable meaning from your data. The result is better, faster and more strategic decision making about your business to improve your competitive advantage.

Key Features

The Insite Difference

With InsiteAnalytics, you get an eCommerce analytics solution that:

  • Has a single interconnected interface with a full view of your commerce transactions across all channels and from multiple sources, including your ERP system, website analytics results and customer segmentation information.
  • Delivers consumable data in the context of your business goals and in a framework that allows you to evaluate progress and assess value.
  • Expands in depth, reach and intelligence as your eCommerce initiatives mature and your business grows.
  • Supports your customer relationships as they migrate to your eCommerce channel and later as they expand deeper into your product mix.
  • Organizes large amounts of data by focusing on how you measure success with your customers, and gives you insights on eCommerce adoption success, industry factors, purchasing behaviors and more.
  • Monitors the success of your eCommerce investment by mapping data to your business goals and providing a view of trends and performance.
  • Identifies early trends so you can spot them, understand them, and respond accordingly.
  • “Insite’s Analytics has been a great new tool for me to use as I plan and review major customer initiatives, for three reasons. First, I can see my data in a ready-to-use format with finished insights that I can take action on. So it’s not just another thing on my to-do list, it actually helps me complete my to do list. Second, I’m easily able to see that data – and connect the results and outcomes – in a way that’s relevant to each of our customer segments. Lastly, Insite didn’t just provide a tool, they partnered with me along the way to help me get the most out of it.”

    Andrew SteinerVP Marketing and Customer Operations - AmeriPride

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