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Myths of B2B eCommerce

About the Show

Brought to you by the experts in B2B eCommerce from Insite Software, Myths of B2B eCommerce is a monthly podcast that breaks down common assumptions and beliefs about B2B eCommerce to set the record straight. Host Karie Daudt, VP of Marketing and Customer Experience at Insite Software is frequently joined by guests from the manufacturing, distribution and eCommerce industries.

If you’re a manufacturer or distributor considering embarking on a digital transformation journey and investing in an eCommerce solution for your business, you’re in the right place. While you’re doing your research it can be overwhelming to navigate the clutter of information and identify what’s true and what’s relevant but we’re here to break it down for you. We’re busting the most common myths about B2B eCommerce.




3. B2B Personalization is Not B2C Personalization

In episode 3 of “Myths of B2B eCommerce”, Jeff Natzke, VP of Product at Insite Software joins us to breakdown the myth that B2B personalization is the same as B2C personalization.

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2. PHP vs .NET, Does it Really Matter?

In episode 2 of “Myths of B2B eCommerce”, Matt Vandenbush, VP of Engineering at Brady Corporation joins us to discuss whether you should build your eCommerce site on php or .net. Plus, he illustrates what truly matters when building the environment.

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1. B2B Cart Abandonment is Not B2C

Justin Racine, Director of Marketing & eCommerce at Geriatric Medical and Surgical Supply joins us to discuss the surprising statistics around B2B cart abandonment, the power of analytics to enable a company’s sales representatives to be more efficient, and the evolving role of the B2B sales representative. We break down the myth that cart abandonment is just as high in B2B as it is in B2C eCommerce.

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