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The Manufacturer's & Distributor’s Guide to eCommerce Replatforming

Clunky platform? Poor search? Low adoption rates?

These are all signs that your current eCommerce platform just isn’t cutting it.This guide is built for those that have had enough. Those that are ready to take the next step in digital transformation and find a better, more sophisticated platform.

We know that investing in a new eCommerce platform doesn’t exactly sound like a walk in the park, especially after investing time and money the first time around.

That’s where this guide comes in. Download now to learn how to:

  • Determine the right time to replatform
  • Create your replatforming strategy
  • Choose the right platform
  • Understand which provider is right for you

Plus learn how four companies like you have successfully replatformed to see transformational business results.

Replatforming shouldn’t be a pain. It’s time to see it for the huge opportunity that it is.

Download Your Guide Now

Happy Replatformers

“Our previous system was just an access point to our ERP. It didn’t make sense to our customers. They were signing up but then never using the site. They were telling us they had a needs that the current solution couldn’t meet. We needed a solution that was for the customer, an outside-in view, if you will.”

Coburn Flannery, Director of eBusiness at The Granite Group

Previously on Infor Storefront

“With no SEO built into our previous website, customers were not able to find us unless we created a direct shortcut to the website for them. If we measure our success with Insite on how we have made our clients’ lives easier to procure parts, I think we’ve succeeded on a massive scale.”

Steven Wark, Information Technology Director at Macpek

Previously on a Custom Solution

“The flexibility with the Insite platform versus the Infor platform, which was the storefront we were on previously, allows us to do eCommerce the way we want to do business. We don’t have to conform to someone else’s rigid box.”

Hope Thompson, President, Northern Radiator

Previously on Infor Storefront

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