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Maintenance and Upkeep Are Inevitable

Nearly all manufacturers today provide their end-consumers with replacement, spare, and preventative maintenance parts and service via at least one traditional channel. However, many do not consider this an opportunity beyond a simple transaction. End customers look for quality parts and information, and who better to serve them than the original manufacturers themselves?



The InsiteCommerce Solution

Research has shown manufacturers earn up to 45% of gross profits from the aftermarket, such as a replacement or spare parts business, even though it accounts for only 24% of their revenues. In the competitive and fast-paced world we are all in today, customers expect to be able to order preventative and emergency-fix parts when the need arises, on-demand. Customers prefer the expertise and credibility of ordering parts directly from the manufacturer.

With a spare or replacement parts online store, end-customers, field service representatives, installers, and even channel partners desire all the modern B2B commerce experiences that are now table stakes in the industry.

Defining and implementing an aftermarket strategy that optimizes digital commerce, while enabling support and services serves to:

  • Arm your business with the right balance of new channels to grow profits and increase revenue, increase customer engagement and satisfaction via a combination of online self-service and solutions services.
  • Makes it easier for your customers to do business with you, and improves customer “stickiness” or retention.
  • Grow revenue and outpace your competition by exceeding changing buyer demands with a purposeful combination of online and offline support strategies that enhance your customers’ experiences across all channels.

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