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Consistent Messaging,
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InsitePortfolio on an iPad

While your sales teams currently rely on multiple sales techniques, access to product information and rich collateral is critical to ensure consistent messaging is delivered to reinforce the value of your products and solutions. Forcing your sales people to search multiple locations to find what they are looking for can drive inefficiencies and create frustration.  As a result,  direct sales teams commonly create their own material, or use outdated information if they are not able to find what they are looking for.

Provide valuable insights to marketing teams

Even when your sales teams are using the collateral created for them, most manufacturers have no idea what is being used, how often they are being used, and ultimately, which pieces are the most effective. Due to outdated versions, lack of accessibility, and poor organization, a direct sales catalog and collateral delivered in a branded mobile app can be a valuable solution.


The InsiteCommerce Solution

Streamlining the process to deliver the latest product catalog and sales collateral to your sales team is a critical path to success for the modern sales model. Sales people today are spending more than 50% of their time processing orders, searching for content, and doing other activities not directly related to selling. Providing your sales team with a company-branded mobile catalog and sales collateral solution can alleviate these inefficiencies. By having one centralized location to access real-time product catalog information and new or updated content, your salespeople will always have up to date and relevant information at their fingertips. Whether presenting a prepared presentation or searching for an answer to a customer question on the fly, salespeople must have the content and collateral they need, when they need it.

InsitePortfolio is built for manufacturers to enable their employees with easy-to-use catalog and content management, distribution, and analytics capabilities. InsitePortfolio helps your sales teams do what they do best, by enabling:

  • Built-in analytics and reporting capabilities, allowing administrators to see what content was viewed or shared most often, as well as how long users spent with any given piece
  • Easy file loading and updating, ensuring the latest version or brand new asset is available as soon as possible to assigned users
  • Multi-device and offline capabilities to allow sales people to access interact with their content, anytime and anywhere
  • Interactive content support, whether you have a 360° image of product, or a guided-selling quiz, or even a special part lookup form
  • And many more features. Download the full Solution Information Sheet for more information.

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