Channel Partner Portal

Channel Partners Are Important

Insite Software Channel Partner Portal Solution

Manufacturers have thought of their channel partners as an integral part of their go-to-market strategy for many years, and this is still true today. It is not uncommon for manufacturers to view their channel as their primary customer, simply because they are the people that place the orders.

Enable your partners to self-serve

Regardless if you have a mature and diverse network, or a smaller niche set of channel partners, enabling your partners to self-service allows you more time to focus on other priorities.


The InsiteCommerce Solution

Traditionally, manufacturers have faced many growth challenges with how they interact with channel partners. Often, manufacturers provide the same level of service to all their channel partners, regardless of the actual amount of revenue being generated. All channel partners are not created equal, and potentially shifting lower value activities online, frees up internal resources to do higher value activities, such as expansion your brand at that partner, or targeting additional partners to bring on.

As margins grow thinner and competition increases, many manufacturers are looking for additional ways to remove cost from their businesses. The overall cost to serve channel partners has increased and will continue to increase, making an online channel partner portal an easy way to reduce cost to serve, no matter what time or day of the week.

InsiteCommerce offers many features to serve those needs, including:

  • Restricted catalogs, as some of your partners may not have the ability to sell a portion of your products, whether due to geographic restrictions or just target market
  • Quick order pads and spreadsheet order upload ability to quickly order known products
  • Easy delivery of product collateral via our CMS

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