B2C eCommerce Website

Why go B2C?

Historically, manufacturers have relied on their channel partners for their go-to-market strategy, therefore have been removed from direct interaction with the end consumer. In the age of the customer, manufacturers are looking for ways to interact directly with the end consumer, and a B2C eCommerce solution might be the answer.

Taking a multi-channel approach.

Manufacturers may have a strong B2B channel, where they focus most of their efforts, but also sell the same product direct to end consumer, sometimes under a separate brand name or model identifier. For instance, while a linen manufacturer’s main line of business is selling in a B2B-model to their hospitality services partners, they may also have a line of products they sell to the public. Or perhaps a plumbing fixtures manufacturer receives the bulk of their orders from distributors, home improvement retailers, or contractors, they may also wish to sell direct to DIY-ers.



The InsiteCommerce Solution

Whatever the situation, B2C eCommerce experiences often differ from those of B2B eCommerce. Where B2B buyers are generally focused on getting the job done as quickly as possible, coming to a site armed with the product identifiers, B2C buyers may want to utilize a more leisurely browsing style experience, looking to compare a few options side-by-side, or may even enter your site via a marketing channel.

Whether trying B2C for the first time, supplementing your existing distribution channels, or simply trying to gain brand-recognition, InsiteCommerce’s B2C eCommerce solution can work for you. Utilize the power of the platform such as:

  • Robust SEO capabilities, with meta tags editable via bulk upload or individually via the WYSIWYG CMS editors. Built-in canonical URL support assists in avoiding duplicate content penalties from search engines, and a built-in XML sitemap generator makes sure the search bots know where to find your content.
  • Mobile-responsive storefronts allow customers to research, browse, compare, and transact on the storefront, no matter what screen-size or device they choose to use.
  • An easy-to-use WYSIWYG CMS editor shows easy page hierarchy and editing options, including media management, quick landing page creation, and even easy roll-back and content change approval processes.

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