B2C Drop Ship Website

Directly Service End Consumers

Historically, manufacturers have relied on their channel partners for their go-to-market strategy, therefore have been removed from direct interaction with the end consumer. In the age of the customer, manufacturers are looking for ways to interact directly with the end consumer.

Without disrupting traditional distribution channels

For manufacturers with strong B2B channel, there might be some concern around disrupting their channel with a direct market approach. However, when the manufacturer does a B2C Drop Ship Website, they often do so with a plan to provide their channel partner with compensation on the backside of the transaction, or other channel agreements.



The InsiteCommerce Solution

While manufacturers will likely always have B2B channel partners, the need or ability to serve a broader range of customers traditionally not serviced by your existing channels, or who’d prefer to purchase direct is an opportunity many manufacturers struggle to get right. Quite often, manufacturers build a robust channel partner portal or eCommerce experience that wouldn’t fit the need of direct customers very well.

InsiteCommerce’s B2C eCommerce solution can work for many manufacturers looking to employ a drop ship arrangement, utilizing the power of the platform such as:

  • Persona-based content, allowing the customization of imagery, product catalogs, or even entire site experiences based on your end customer and their needs or desires.
  • Quick Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager installation via the InsiteCommerce Administration Console, including support for eCommerce transaction tracking.
  • Robust, yet easy to use promotions engine. Create rules-based promotions, or create a multitude of individual and unique promo codes for specified customers.

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