B2B eCommerce Website

Manufacturer B2B eCommerce Website

B2B eCommerce is not the same as B2C.

In the age of the customer, manufacturers of all kinds are looking to establish a direct relationship with the end user of their products. While an eCommerce site can take on many different forms depending on the requirements, one thing is always consistent: B2B eCommerce is not B2C eCommerce.

B2B needs to account for people, product, and channels.

Large catalog requirements, complex product offerings or custom part numbers alone can be enough to differentiate from B2C. Add in contract-negotiated pricing for customers, geographically restricted product offerings, volume discounts, and you can further delineate between the requirements of a B2B versus B2C eCommerce experience. Beyond platform needs, there is a fundamental difference in how a B2B customer wants to interact with an eCommerce experience. Quite often, B2B customer are there to buy, not shop.



The InsiteCommerce Solution

The B2B eCommerce opportunity is unique in that it fills a variety of needs and goals for manufacturers. The most cited statistic of the “B2B eCommerce Opportunity” is that the global B2B online selling market is at least twice that of the B2C market, coming in at $6.7T+ per year by 2020. But increase in revenue isn’t the only opportunity for manufacturers using a B2B eCommerce solution. Reducing the cost to serve any given customer by enabling self-service options previously fulfilled by internal customer service representatives, salespeople, and other staff can be moved online to be accessible by customers any time of the day, no matter where they are.

InsiteCommerce enables you to be successful, offering B2B-focused features such as:

  • A robust Administration Console, allowing both business users and integrators to configure, monitor, and maintain your eCommerce experience on both the front-end and back-end.
  • Approval and budgeting workflows, allowing you to enable your customers to manage multiple employee’s purchasing abilities on your site.
  • Catalog Management capabilities built for B2B needs, including custom attributes, specifications, multiple part or item identifiers, and easy inventory control.
  • And many other Built for B2B features. Download the Solution Information Sheet for more details.

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