Inventory Clearance Website

Turn Deadstock into a Digital Experience

Many distributors run into some sort of excess inventory issue at some point.  Deadstock, overstock, out-of-season, open-box, whatever the stock issue you may be encountering, an eCommerce site dedicated to moving this inventory can provide many benefits to you and your customers.

Free up space, expand customer reach

Whether the main goal is to move inventory to make more physical room for incoming items, or simply to turn a small profit on otherwise outdated or open-boxed items, reaching a larger online audience than you may have otherwise been able to at a branch or warehousing location can be a quick and cost-effective way to do so. Additionally, reaching potential new customers at a lower price point may turn those purchasers into customers, coming back for consumables or other associated items.



The InsiteCommerce Solution

In distribution, there are many ways you can end up with deadstock, and even the best-run distributors can average 20% – 30% of inventory that ends up dead or obsolete. Perhaps the manufacturer discontinued an item, or it’s been replaced with a new year model. Maybe a purchaser returned a brand-new item in an open box, or perhaps demand was simply over-estimated and you’re left with way too many items on hand. Traditionally, if you had branches, you’d advertise those items at a discount, however, some distributors may have lower trafficked locations, or stock sitting in non-public warehouses.

An online storefront, however, is easily publicly accessible from anywhere you’re willing to ship.

InsiteCommerce is well equipped to enable your inventory clearance site, bringing the full power of a built-for-B2B eCommerce platform to your fingertips. Key features to assist in moving deadstock include:

  • Powerful CMS capabilities allow you to quickly create SEO-optimized content pages, as well as landing pages for FAQs, product content, or advertising landing pages.
  • The business-user friendly management of the on-site search experience allows you to add in commonly used synonyms to make sure your customers are finding a relevant or equivalent product to what they are searching for. Perhaps customers search for older or newer product identifiers, in which case it’s easy to add cross-references or even competitor-referenced product numbers into the search index to direct customers to compatible or similar items.
  • And many other Built for B2B features. Download the Solution Information Sheet for more details.

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