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Turn Deadstock into a Digital Experience

Many distributors run into the issue of excess stock. Deadstock, overstock, out-of-season, open-box, or whatever the stock issue you may be encountering, an eCommerce site dedicated to moving this inventory can provide many benefits to you and your customers. Whether the main goal is to move inventory to make more physical room for incoming items, or simply to turn a small profit on otherwise outdated or open-boxed items, reaching a larger online audience than you may have otherwise could at a branch or warehousing location can be a quick and cost effective way to do so.

Additionally, reaching potential new customers at a lower price point may turn those purchasers into customers, coming back for consumables or other associated items. Inventory clearance sites can be a practical and beneficial way to either test the eCommerce waters for your brand, or extend your reach with another online storefront.

The Opportunity

In distribution, there are many ways you can end up with deadstock, and even the best run distributors can average 20% – 30% of inventory that ends up dead or obsolete. Perhaps the manufacturer discontinued an item, or it’s been replaced with a new year model. Maybe a purchaser returned a brand-new item in an open box, or perhaps demand was simply over-estimated and you’re left with way too many items on hand. Traditionally, if you had branches, you’d advertise those items at a discount and offer it up to your frequent customers as the “manager’s special” or clearance sales. While that may work for branches, some distributors may have lower trafficked locations, or stock sitting in nonpublic warehouses. An online storefront, however, is easily publicly accessible from anywhere you’re willing to ship. Using smart digital tactics like search engine optimization (SEO), paid search ads, and other marketing vehicles, your deadstock can now reach the right customer at the righttime, wherever they may be.

Using a robust online B2B eCommerce platform to sell your deadstock items benefits your business in more ways than simply selling more items. Freeing up physical storage and warehousing space is a necessity to most distributors, freeing up space for more recent stock or profitable items. Utilizing this opportunity to add or create your company’s first online experience for customers gives you a way to test out digital strategies and responses from current and potentially new customers in a variety of geographical areas easily. Implementing basic digital marketing strategies, such as SEO, paid advertising, or even building an email list for your excess inventory business can be a launchpad to bringing larger portions of your business online. Additional branding value from having an online presence can also help bring your brand top-of-mind even for offline transactions, allowing you to convert clearance customers to full-service customers.

Use Case

Selling obsolete, and dead parts online can help organizations grow.

Steve is a maintenance and repair technician at Madison Manufacturing. They have a series of older machines, that are not ready to be replaced yet, and it is Steve’s job to keep them running. The equipment is older, and finding spare or replacement parts is challenging. Steve knows that finding parts is hard, so he is always searching the internet for parts. While he is searching online, he comes across a website being managed by ABS Distribution. Steve sees ABS is selling off old and obsolete inventory, and several common wear parts on his machines are listed. Steve quickly purchases the parts, and he is happy that he can keep his machines running. Now ABS is one of his first stops when he is looking for spare parts.

The InsiteCommerce Solution

Powerful capabilities allow you to quickly create SEO optimized content pages, as well as landing pages for FAQs, product content, or landing pages.
The key to a great site experience is understanding how your customers look for the products they most commonly order, and help them locate new products that fit their specific needs.
Easy to use Administration Console provides a place for business users to manage the product catalog availability.