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Empower your Team with InsiteCommerce

Distributor’s sales teams are an important part of the go-tomarket strategy in the world of B2B. The role of distribution is changing, and no one has been impacted more than the direct sales person. Many customers are conducting their own research online, and choosing if or when they will engage with a salesperson. For distribution sales teams to be effective, they need to bring value and expertise to the relationship.

One way to help make your sales team more valuable to the customers they serve, is by providing them with access to the information they need through a Direct Sales Portal. Regardless of the size of your sales team, giving them the ability to look up their customer orders, place sample request, request a quote, or search for product information will increase their effectiveness in the field and drive customer satisfaction.

The Opportunity

Traditionally, direct sales people have faced many growth challenges with how they interact with their customers and their organization. Meeting with customers, but not having all of the information about what their customers have been doing, at their fingertips. Today, the sheer number of products they represent has increased to the point that sales people are unable to understand, and creditably sell the large variety of your products. Even if your product line is stable, the distributor landscape is changing through mergers and acquisitions, creating larger consolidated partners representing more competitive product situations. Research is showing sales people are spending more than 50% of their time processing orders, searching for content, and doing other activities not related to selling. Without a quick and easy way to access valuable product data and application information, direct sales teams are at a disadvantage to sell your products.

Of course, as margins grow thinner and competition increases, many distributors are looking for additional ways to remove cost from their businesses. The overall cost to serve sales teams has increased and will continue to increase, making an direct sales portal an easy way to reduce cost to serve, no matter what time or day of the week.

Use Case

Empowers sales people the ability to self-serve.

While he’s on the road, Sam, a sales person, can use his iPad to easily access relevant, product information, data sheets, and other relevant information. This allow him to be efficient and prepared in front of his customer. He also can take care of a lot of his manual account “paperwork” by automating and compressing the workflows for tasks, such as online order entry and submitting quotes. He also can access product inventory and submit orders on behalf of a customer with the integration to his company’s ERP

The InsiteCommerce Solution

Restricted catalogs, as some of your locations may not have the ability to sell a portion of your products, whether due to geographic restrictions or target market.
Quick order pads and spreadsheet order uploadability to quickly order known products.
Easily deliver product collateral via Insite’s robust Content Management System.