Direct Sales Portal

Enable Your Distributor’s Salesforce

Insite Software Direct Sales Portal Solution

Distributors sales teams are an important part of the go-to-market strategy in the world of B2B, and have been for many generations. The role of distribution is changing, and no one has been impacted more than the direct sales person. Many customers are conducting their own research online, and choosing if or when they will engage with a salesperson.

Provide value at every step

In order for distribution sales teams to be effective, they need to bring value and expertise to the relationship. One way to help make your sales team more valuable to the customers they serve, is by providing them with access to the information they need through a Direct Sales Portal. Regardless of the size of your sales team, giving them the ability to look up their customer orders, place sample request, request a quote, or search for product information will increase their effectiveness in the field and drive customer satisfaction.



The InsiteCommerce Solution

Traditionally, direct sales people have faced many growth challenges with how they interact with their customers and their organization. Meeting with customers, but not having all of the information about what their customers have been doing, at their fingertips. Today, the sheer number of products they represent has increased to the point that sales people are unable to understand, and creditably sell the large variety of your products.

An online direct sales portal combines the powerful features of an enterprise-grade B2B eCommerce solution, and tailors the experience to best arm your sales team with the information, prices, and availability where and when they need it.

InsiteCommerce offers many features to serve those needs, including:

  • Restricted catalogs, as some of your locations may not have the ability to sell a portion of your products, whether due to geographic restrictions or just target market
  • Quick order pads and spreadsheet order upload ability to quickly order known products
  • Easy delivery of product collateral via our CMS

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