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Branded Customer Portal

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Customer Branded Self-Service Portal

Most distributors have a broad mix of customers that they engage with as part of their normal business. Some customers may be key to the overall success of the distributor. These important customers often require a significant amount of work, and companies invest heavily in these relationships. Strategic customers may have special requests such as custom catalogs, special pricing across manufacturers, or other information that is unique to the relationship.

At times, the demands of supporting these customers may put high strain on the organization. One way for distributors to provide the ultimate experience to these important customers is through a branded customer self-service portal.




The Opportunity

While many distributors think of a traditional eCommerce website as they only way to service customers, the reality is that there are many ways to use eCommerce solutions to solve your unique business challenges. One option is a branded self-service portal to serve your key customers. A branded portal basically allows you to provide your key customers with a unique personalized experience, based on the customer’s login credentials. Your customers will each see what you want them to see including custom catalog, their specific pricing, and any additional information is required or preferred for their experience.

By choosing to launch a branded self-serve portal using a robust B2B eCommerce platform, distributors personalize the experience for each of their existing customers with minimal work. For example, personalized branded websites and catalogs based on what type of customer or what industry they are in can reduce the efforts of those customers to find relevant consumables they re-order often, while also hiding parts of your catalog that is not relevant to that customer.

With the robust catalog options, presenting accessories, installation materials, or other cross-sell opportunities alongside the products enables your customers to find new products, as well as deepens your potential to increase share-of-wallet with that account. Furthermore, if these large customers have more robust procurement processes and systems in place, easily integrate their custom experience via PunchOut, further reducing the friction on the path to purchase.

Your self-serve portal can provide an immense cost-savings opportunities by allowing customers to self-service requests that otherwise would have fallen to your employees to fulfill.

Does your customer need to re-order the same exact items they ordered last quarter? Easily done if their order history is at their fingertips. Need to understand when an order will be delivered? Also, easily found via a self-service portal, freeing up your customer service reps and sales people to better serve your customer in other ways, including finding new products or solutions for their needs.


Use Case

Flexible buying experience allows direct customers to access information the way the want to.

As a manufacturing engineer for Tank Automotive, Joe is looking to research solutions for a new metal bending line. He has worked with Madison Manufacturing in the past, and he knows that their products are designed for his environment. He signs into his customer portal at Madison Manufacturing to begin his research, and lands on a site that has the Tank Automotive logo. He starts his research by searching for products that meet his current application requirements. He orders a few samples while on the site, and goes about his day.

The InsiteCommerce Solution

The ability to deliver unique B2B experiences comes from the data in your ERP or other back office systems. The ease of integration is one of the things that makes InsiteCommerce right for distribution companies.
The ability to manage multiple websites from a single instance of InsiteCommerce is one of the many reasons Insite is the right solution for distribution companies.
When you want to sell more products to your existing customers search is a critical component of the experience. With advanced search capabilities included out-of-the-box, InsiteCommerce delivers the power you need to get the results you want.