B2C eCommerce Website for Distributors

Evolving to New Channels

In the age of the customer, distributors are working hard to remain an important piece of the go-to-market strategy for the manufacturers they represent. A common way to accomplish this goal, is by expanding into new markets to drive new business. When a distributor sells a finished goods type products, establishing a direct-to-consumer or B2C relationship might be the answer.

Same products, different markets

Distributors may have strong B2B relationship with their customers, where they focus most of their efforts, but also sell the same product direct to the end consumer, sometimes under a separate brand name or model identifier. For instance, while a hardware  distributors main line of business is selling in a B2B-model to their B2B customers, they may also have a line of products they sell to the public.



The InsiteCommerce Solution

While many distributors will continue to sell to B2B customers, the need or ability to expand into a broader range of markets traditionally not serviced by your existing model, or who’d prefer to purchase direct is an opportunity many distributors struggle with. For most distributors, selling online to their B2B customers is not that difficult, but the same experiences wouldn’t fit the need of direct customers very well.

InsiteCommerce’s easy-to-use and business-user friendly Administration Console and CMS capabilities ensure IT, merchandisers, and marketers alike can all collaborate to create the best experience for their B2C eCommerce site. Take advantage of features such as:

  • Persona-based content, allowing the customization of imagery, product catalogs, or even entire site experiences based on your end customer and their needs or desires.
  • Quick Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager installation via the InsiteCommerce Administration Console, including support for eCommerce transaction tracking.
  • Robust SEO capabilities, with meta tags editable via bulk upload or individually via the WYSIWYG CMS editors. Built-in canonical URL support assists in avoiding duplicate content penalties from search engines, and a built-in XML sitemap generator makes sure the search bots know where to find your content.

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