B2B eCommerce Website

B2B eCommerce Website

B2B is complex.

While B2B eCommerce itself can take many forms, whether that be a sales portal, a spare parts site, or even simply an online catalog, one thing is certain: B2B eCommerce is not B2C eCommerce.  Beyond large catalog requirements, complex product offerings sometimes requiring custom configuration, kitting, bundling, or custom part numbers alone can be enough to differentiate from B2C.

Help people do their jobs

Efficiency tools such as a quick order pad or simple reorder from their order history allows past purchasers and those familiar with their product identifiers to go from home page to checkout in the least number of steps possible.



The InsiteCommerce Solution

Beyond transacting, price and stock availability checks, status of an open order, freight tracking, and RMAs are just some of the many self-service options available to a customer through a robust B2B eCommerce experience. B2B eCommerce also allows customers an easy way to research additional product lines you offer that may be complimentary to their business. Using merchandising features such as cross-sell, up-sell, accessories, installation materials, or recently viewed product modules on product detail pages assist in presenting more of your catalog to customers who may have not otherwise been exposed to them.

As a robust, built for B2B eCommerce solution, InsiteCommerce incorporates many features to both satisfy the complex needs of distributors on the back-end, as well as satisfy the B2B buyer by making it easier for them to conduct business with you. Some features include:

  • Merchandising and Promotion capabilities to enable cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, as well as a promotions engine capable of using business logic for volume discounts or other bundling or kitting discount situations.
  • Search features to enable customers to quickly find what they need, and also powering a quick-order functionality to reduce a buyers click-to-purchase path.
  • Order Management features that not only make accepting orders easy, but also allows plentiful opportunities for customers to engage and reorder past orders, check the status of orders, track shipments, file RMA requests, and even view and pay invoices.
  • And many other Built for B2B features. Download the Solution Information Sheet for more details.

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