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TUG Connects

March 13-16, 2019 | Orlando, Florida
Thank you for visiting us at TUG Connects 2019. Insite has built a powerful integration architecture and quick connector to common Infor ERPs so you can deliver a superior customer experience and increase the productivity of every person involved in the complex B2B buying cycle. Find out more »

Why Insite?

Insite has been Built for B2B™ since its inception. Insite is laser-focused on meeting the needs of manufacturers and distributors. With more native B2B functionality than any other platform in the marketplace, Insite offers a zero-compromise cloud solution built for the challenges TUG members face each day. Plus, Insite easily integrates with your Infor ERP to take advantage of the critical data that resides there.

Don’t take our word for it. Gary Niemand, Senior Vice President of IT and Procurement at HISCO discusses the importance of eCommerce and illustrates Insite’s crucial role in HISCO’s eCommerce journey.

Powering TUG Members' eCommerce

TUG members have seen transformational results by trusting Insite Software for their digital transformation.

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Learn how manufacturers and distributors are leveraging eCommerce to retain customers, increase new customers, drive revenue per customer and drive revenue per product.
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